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The largest obstacles in the path of widespread electric vehicle utilization are the inherent fire safety risk and high cost posed by prevailing lithium-ion battery technologies. Natrion’s advances in solid-state lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery chemistries are poised to finally overcome these obstacles.

Natrion sets itself apart from other solid-state battery companies with its new ceramic-polymer composite solid-state electrolyte called Lithium Solid Ionic Composite (LISIC). Currently, batteries employ a porous plastic membrane soaked in highly volatile and flammable liquids that not only pose significant fire risks but also lead to degradation chemical reactions that lead to limited battery performance and lifespan. LISIC mimics the current porous membranes to be able to readily integrate into existing manufacturing lines. However, LISIC does so without needing liquid. This dramatically improves battery safety, performance, and durability.

Current EV Batteries

Safe Temperature range
-5°F to 140°F

Range on single Charge: 300 Miles
Time to full charge: 60 mins

battery pack cost: >$130 / kwh

LISIC-Enhanced Batteries

Safe temperature range
-55°F to 500°F

Range on single charge: 450+ miles
Time to full charge: 15 mins

battery pack cost: <$100 / kwh

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Natrion’s LISIC battery technology opens the doors to the next generation of battery-enabled warfighting. For the first time in history, soldiers will have access to man-portable, subdivisable, decentralized, and safe power. Taking advantage of our core solid electrolyte technology’s superb chemical stability, our engineers and researchers are currently designing a whole suite of battery products to radically change the role and ability of electric power in defense applications. 

Our new defense battery packs will not only allow military forces to shed their reliance on fossil fuel-based means of power generation, but will also facilitate a revolution in power distribution. No more generator maintenance, no more hauling fuel, no more sandbagging to reduce noise and EM radiation, no more laying conduit, and no more centralized power; our proposed line of battery products splits power storage/generation into subdivisible battery modules, ready to power soldiers, vehicles, and habitations alike.

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